The Leyden Papyrus: An Egyptian Magical Book From the Third Century, A.D.

This Egyptian book of magic includes powerful spells passed down through the ages. It was discovered in the mid-1800s and, after being carefully pieced together, formed a fifteen-foot strip of papyrus containing intriguing spells and potions that could actually be used today. It is believed that this was once the book of a practicing sorcerer, who collected and used its contents on a regular basis. It includes potions, spells and incantations that claim to invoke the god Thoth and bring good fortune, make magic ointments, do healings, invoke Anubis and release the dead, create visions, remove evil magic, conjure spirits, do divination with the use of a lamp, blind or kill your enemies, grant favor for oneself, use various forms of sex magic, and much more. Includes the original Egyptian demotic script on facing pages to the translation. The editors break down the different forms of magic involved, and show how and why the manuscript was influenced by Greek magic, Gnostic beliefs of the day, and other forms of magical traditions. Well researched and includes extensive footnotes. This book is an essential addition to any practicing magician or researcher into the culture and beliefs of ancient Egypt.

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Book Title: The Leyden Papyrus: An Egyptian Magical Book From the Third Century, A.D.

Book Author: F LL Griffith,Herbert Thompson Sir

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ISBN: 1585090050